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Level 4 Pack

Level 4 Pack

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Level 4 pack contains two copies of each Level 4 book. 

Total number of books: 9

Book descriptions: 

Adventure in the Garden

Hamad suggests camping in the garden, but it’s a disaster! So Grandmother and
Grandfather decide to give the children a Bedouin experience under the stars.
24 pages                                     Suggested book band: orange
ISBN: 978-1-912730-30-8

An Important Lesson

On a day out visiting the ruins of an old palace, the boys find something exciting. Is
it an ordinary object or treasure?
24 pages                                    Suggested book band: orange
ISBN: 978-1-912730-26-1

A Silly Mistake

It’s Eid al Fitr. After Haya eats all of her sweets very quickly, will she fall foul of
Eid al Nagat, the folklore character who comes after children that eat too many sweets ?
24 pages                                    Suggested book band: orange
ISBN: 978-1-912730-27-8


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