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Level 2 Pack

Level 2 Pack

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Level 2 pack contains two copies of each Level 2 book. 

Total number of books: 9

Book descriptions: 

An Important Day

The children are at a National Day parade when a soldier loses his flag. Can they help
him find it?
16 pages                                 Suggested book band: yellow
ISBN: 978-1-912730-24-7

A Special Tree

Haya and Amal are playing by the palm trees in the garden. There aren’t palm trees in
England, so Grandmother teaches the girls all about these special trees.
16 pages                                Suggested book band: yellow
ISBN: 978-1-912730-22-3


Haya is working on a patchwork quilt, but the boys accidently ruin it. Haya is upset,
but the family works together to make her a new one.
16 pages                               Suggested book band: yellow
ISBN: 978-1-912730-23-0


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